Thursday, October 9, 2014

Summer Int’l Development Internship

We are writing to you to share about Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI), and to ask that you do the same with your students.  As you may know, GESI is a unique, credit-bearing program that combines experiential-learning, study abroad, cultural immersion, and international work experience at dynamic, community-based organizations. 


We hope that you’ll help us spread the word about this program by forwarding the following information to students and student groups who may be interested.

Are you passionate about global change, committed to learning by doing, and ready to engage in hands-on global development?


GESI will equip students to

  • Work directly with local communities and community organizations in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Nicaragua, India, South Africa, or Uganda 
  • Earn two Northwestern course credits (the equivalent to six semester credits)
  • Live with a host family and immerse yourself in another culture for eight weeks
  • Work in teams of undergraduates to design and implement a development project collaboratively in microfinance, social enterprise, education, environmental sustainability, global health, and more

Engage directly with local communities:


GESI 2014 - Uganda:

GESI participants worked with community members and a rural development group to assist a community with income generation.  The community’s sole source of income is selling fish they’ve caught and dried on the shore, though the drying process is long, unsanitary, and usually results in significant portions of soiled fish.  The GESI team used regional case studies to design a solar dryer for the community’s fish, using locally sourced materials, thereby saving time, effort, and ensuring a more sanitary product.  The team and community worked together to build the solar dryer, and materials that explain the building process for further replications.  They also assisted the community in creating a nutrition garden, as well as organic fertilizers and pesticides. 


GESI 2014 - Bolivia:

The team worked with a local NGO that serves families and their children with disabilities by providing therapy and information about legal rights access to opportunities.  Appointments with the NGO staff were often missed by parents, due to a lack of understanding about the importance of treatment.  The GESI team worked to dissolve the stigma surrounding disabilities by creating and providing materials for families to learn about the rights of their children under Bolivian law.  They also ensured videos educating families about their rights and the needs of their children, are shown throughout the NGO.


Ready to take the next step?


To learn more about GESI, and how to apply, go to

Be sure to fill out our survey here to receive more information.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Early deadlines are December 15, 2014 and January 15, 2015, for guaranteed first choice placement if accepted into the program. 

Final deadline is March 1, 2015, but please apply early, as spaces will fill.


If you have questions and want to speak to a member of the GESI staff, please contact us at or 847.491.5932.


We hope to hear from you soon,

The GESI Team

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