Thursday, October 9, 2014

2nd 8-week class for International Students

SLST-T125 Academic Language and Culture (3 credits)

There is a section being offered Second Eight Weeks:

17688          04:00P-05:15P   MTWR   BH 333


This course was designed especially for international students who have established English proficiency (i.e. those who do not need any SLST-T101 English Improvement classes), but would benefit from knowing more specific language and terminology, as well as cultural nuances, to be more successful in their other classes. 

Course topics include:

·         Academic misconduct

·         Effective communication with professors and classmates (e.g. email, office hours, class participation)

·         Basic responsible research skills (e.g. how to find reliable sources and cite them appropriately)

·         Overview of American geography, history, and government

·         Ethnic, racial, and linguistic diversity in America


Major items of evaluation include:

·         Panel presentations in small groups on a current issue related to the American university

·         Writing a short research paper over the course of the semester, accompanied by ongoing in-class discussion of some of the common stages of the writing process (e.g. choosing a topic, locating and citing sources, making an outline, formatting citations and a bibliography, etc.)

·         Active class participation throughout the semester


Unlike SLST-T101, SLST-T125 DOES count towards total hours for graduation. 

If you have questions, please contact me ( or the instructor, Dr. Jeff Holliday (

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