Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 14 Extension Deadline for G306: "Issues in Latin America, the Caribbean and Contemporary Cuba"

Geography, G306: “Issues in Latin America, the Caribbean and Contemporary Cuba”

Course Description: “Latin America, the Caribbean and Contemporary Cuba” is an introductory course on the physical and human geography of Latin America and the Caribbean, with particular emphasis on Cuba.  The course is for 3 credit hours and takes place the first 6-weeks session in the summer of 2014 from May 13 through June 20 through the Office of Overseas Studies, and carries credit in the department of Geography and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  The first 3 weeks of this interdisciplinary field course takes place at IU Bloomington, then with 2 weeks of field activities in Cuba from May 31 to June 15, and the remainder of the course in Bloomington. 

Within a regional overview that anchors various disciplines across space and place, the course brings forth the dominant political, economic, social and environmental issues facing Latin America and the Caribbean and Cuba, while giving the students basic tools with which to analyze these issues.  Special attention is given to patterns of economic development, and the historical disputes surrounding colonialism, neocolonialism, and neoliberal and socialist economic policies.  The remainder of this course will be devoted entirely to Cuba with the primary objective of giving the students the opportunity to get to know the people and institutions of Cuba, while giving also giving them the background to objectively understand and analyze why the Cuban Revolution happened, how the Cuban state socialist economy and society functions, and how the reform process intends to increase personal freedom, decentralize politics and shift towards a mixed economy, while salvaging the positive achievements of the revolution.

Interested students should apply by March 3 through the Office of Overseas Study.  See the URL: https://iabroad.iu.edu/istart/controllers/inquiry/InquiryEngine.cfm?serviceid=ProgramSearchProvider&tab=1&programid=585&CFID=1143044&CFTOKEN=70228466 for information about the program and apply through the program Apply tab.  If you have questions, write to overseas@iu.edu

Office of Overseas Study: (812)855-9304

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