Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Latin American Research Forum Features Deborah Cohn Friday!

Associate Professor Deborah Cohn (IU Spanish & Portuguese) will be presenting Friday in Student Building 150 at 2pm as part of the Latin American Research Forum.

The politics of translation

This session will focus on the politics of translating and publishing Latin American novels in the U.S. in the years following the Cuban Revolution, when the so-called literary Boom, represented by authors such as Cortázar, Donoso, Fuentes, García Márquez, and Vargas Llosa, rose to international acclaim. In particular, I will examine the politics motivating philanthropic organizations such as the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, whose political interests were often aligned with those of the Cold War State, as they funded translation subsidy programs, which, in turn, paradoxically supported the publication of works by writers whose politics were often antithetical to those of the foundations.

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