Friday, December 13, 2013

11th Annual Int'l Student Conference on Euro-US Relations

The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College is pleased to announce the 11th Annual International Student Conference on European–U.S. Relations to be held in Aix‐en‐Provence, France at IAU College from March 13–15, 2014. The annual conference, also co- sponsored by AEGEE ‐ the European Students’ Forum, has been held since 2004, so that students can explore the character and future of US– European relations, as well as the fundamental differences between the European Union and the United States both structurally, and on important international issues.

This year’s conference explores the changing nature of the information environment and how surveillance becomes ever more normalized in contemporary societies. Whether in the form of phone calls and emails or through tracking devices recording everything from medical conditions, to shopping habits and driving behavior, the normalization of surveillance has the potential to change not only individual behavior but is likely to alter politics and society itself. The conference will address the subject of surveillance from a Peace and Conflict Studies perspective focusing on arenas of contestation between the surveyed and those surveying.  In addition to examining surveillance from an historical perspective the conference participants will also elaborate significant differences related to surveillance between Europe and the United States.

Participating students will hear from experts on the subject and participate in reflections with their European counterparts on the issue as well as seek solutions together to confronting the challenges of living in today’s world.   The conference fee of $125 will include three nights lodging and meals through Saturday evening.  Students interested in participating should contact IAU’s Dean of Students, Dr. Leigh Smith, at

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