Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exchange Coordinator, University of Maryland- College Park

The Education Abroad Exchange Coordinator maintains exchange agreements with a wide range of international universities. These agreements allow UMD students to study abroad at some of the world’s leading institutions of higher education while paying UMD tuition and contribute to the globalization of the College Park Campus by bringing international students to UMD. The Exchange Coordinator works directly with each exchange partner to make arrangements for international students to come to UMD for a semester or academic year by providing clear and up-to-date information on UMD admission requirements, UMD housing and course offerings, visa requirements, and application processes.

He/she reviews exchange student applications and collaborates with UMD academic departments to help visiting students gain access to appropriate classes. The Exchange Coordinator arranges an orientation for arriving students and provides ongoing logistical support throughout their time in College Park. The Exchange Coordinator works extensively with EA study abroad advisors to ensure UMD students receive comprehensive and current information about overseas exchange opportunities. The Exchange Coordinator plays a key role in the maintenance of all exchange agreements by tracking agreements and noting their expiration dates, renegotiating exchange agreements, corresponding with exchange partners, and preparing agreements to be submitted for signature by the Associate Vice President for International Affairs and the University Provost.


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