Friday, November 22, 2013


For Spring 2014 consider enrolling in


Educ. X101: Learning Strategies for Math M118


Section 17741, 2 credits, semester long, 9:30-10:45am, TR, Education 1002

Section 21896, 2 credits, semester long, 2:30-3:45pm, TR, Shea Quad SH021


What is X101?

A 2 credit-hour course that is open only to students who are also enrolled in any section of Finite Math M118.   The class size is small (19 students), which allows us to give you personal attention and to help you discover the ways that you study best.  The Student Academic Center in conjunction with the Math department has shown that students who complete X101 typically do better in M118 than those who do not—often by one full letter grade.


Why X101?

·         Obtain free individual help outside of the X101 classroom during the day and evening

·         Interact with experienced graduate and undergraduate instructors who have taught before and have earned A’s in M118

·         Take practice M118 exams under simulated test conditions followed by feedback concerning the problem solving

·         Learn effective test taking strategies for departmental exams and practice a variety of study tools that can be applied to all college courses

·         Discuss M118 topics and learn collaboratively with your X101/M118 peers

·         Learn to pay attention to your own problem solving processes so that you can become a better independent problem solver

·         Approach learning as an on-going process rather than cramming at the last minute

·         Be a part of an academic support network, the Student Academic Center, where you can stay informed about other workshops and academic support opportunities



YOU!  All students benefit from X101.  You should consider enrolling if you…

·       will be experiencing the learning of math in a large college lecture format for the first time

·       want to do better in math courses than you have in the past

·       like your grades and want to keep it that way

·       want to improve your study skills in all college courses

·          want to become a better reader, writer, and problem solver—in other words, an effective, efficient                                           independent learner

·       are considering Business as a major or minor, or will need to take a statistics course in later semesters

·       want to continue to build on your learning strengths

·       are planning on attending graduate school


How?    Through Friday, January 17, 2014 register online using One Start

Contact Sharon Chertkoff, Ph.D., Basic Skills and Outreach Coordinator, Student Academic Center, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, 855-7313, ( if you have any questions.

The Student Academic Center is located at 408 N Union St., Suite 300


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