Thursday, February 26, 2015

Political Ecology of Water- GSPS Discussion

The Center for the Study of Global Change welcomes faculty, staff, and students to join us at our next Global Studies Positioning Series (GSPS) Discussion:


The Political Ecology of Water: Human-Water Relationships in a Changing Climate



"This is an important interdisciplinary work that uses a place-based approach to examine human relationships with water in the context of globalisation.... [T]he detailed explorations of the human propensity to continue to engage in devastating practices with water, and whether social and environmental justice movements can do anything about these practices is insightful.....[W]hat Kane has to say is worthwhile; she illuminates the struggles that lay people face in getting juridical institutions to implement the law to protect waters in a precautionary manner." —Environmental Politics


The science of climate change introduced dramatic uncertainty into human-water relationships, destabilized established protocols of storm prediction, complicated the design and operation of flood control systems, and should stretch the time frame of environmental impact assessment. Based on her fall 2014 ethnographic research among engineers and geographers in the urbanized wet prairielands of Manitoba, Professor Kane will discuss the possibilities and limits of incorporating “known unknowns” into technical traditions.


GSPS discussions begin at noon in the conference room at the Global Center (International Programs, 201 N. Indiana Avenue). Feel free to bring your lunch (coffee, cookies provided).


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