Friday, January 30, 2015

Undergraduate Employment Opportunities

Teaching Interns (TIs)

The Student Academic Center employs Teaching Interns to assist with two programs:  PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) and EDUC-X156 College and Lifelong Learning. Applications are accepted at any time.

TI’s working in the PASS program work closely with specific courses across campus (such as Microeconomics, Finite Mathematics, and others), providing weekly group study sessions for enrolled students.   Students must have passed (with a B grade or better) the requisite courses to be eligible for this program: For Economics courses, students must have passed ECON-E201 and ECON-E202.  For Mathematics courses, students must have passed MATH-M118 (or equivalent) and MATH-M119 (or equivalent).  PASS Teaching Interns will lead several group learning sessions weekly in the afternoons or evenings.

TI’s working in EDUC-X156 assist the associate instructor for the course and serve as academic coaches for enrolled students, often working one-on-one to provide direction, knowledge of best academic practices, and support for their students. TI’s in this program will meet with several students weekly, attend EDUC-X156 activities and class, and report to their AI weekly.

To apply, please fill out this form.  Submit the form via email to or by delivering it to the Student Academic Center at 408 N. Union Street, Suite 300. Dr. Andrew Koke, director for the programs, reviews applications several times per semester.

Peer Instructors

Recruitment is conducted each spring for the following academic year. Requirements include having overcome obstacles that once contributed to lowered GPA standing, completion of the Student Academic Center retention program, and demonstrated knowledge of the procedures and methods that accomplished this successful change. Peer instructors will assist with class sessions, conduct small group sessions on a weekly basis, and serve as mentors for other students who are just beginning the process of reclaiming academic standing.
Note: X158 Peer Instructor candidates can only apply if they have taken X158 and been nominated by their instructors to join the Peer Instructor program.

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