Friday, January 30, 2015

looking for English to Russian translator

A research team in the IU School of Health is looking for someone who can translate from English to Russian a survey that is addressed to heads of health ministries across the globe, including health ministers, with questions about their opinions and future plans regarding health education for the public in their respective countries. This is going to be the first global survey for the said purpose. The languages translators are needed includes Russian.


In such studies, the usual practice is to have one person translate a document from English to another language and a second person to translate the resulting translation back into English in order to assure that the original meaning is retained. They need someone to do the Russian translation after which they can find someone to do the back translation.


The document contains 1976 words (9094 characters with no spaces, 10803 characters with spaces included). The team will pay $130 for this translation.


If you are interested, please contact Wasantha Jayawardene at:

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