Thursday, January 22, 2015

International Volunteer Opportunity

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The deadline for the Spring and Summer AYUDA Volunteer opportunities is fast approaching!!! Do not miss this chance to participate in life-changing programs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic that support young people living with diabetes. APPLY NOW
Considering AYUDA?
o Read more about the 2015 programs by following the links below.
o Our programs have impacted so many. Recently our Director of Programs, Stephanie Boyle shared her story about joining AYUDA as a volunteer and the lasting impact it had on her life. Click here to read her story.
o Know others who might be interested in AYUDA? Click here to share information about our 2015 programs.
Hurry and apply today!

AYUDA 2015 Summer Programs
Program 1 – Camp Ami Haiti: April 4th – 12th
Haiti 2014
Port-au-Prince, Haiti: In this week-long program, AYUDA volunteers will work closely with Haitian partner organization FHADIMAC and their team of youth leaders to plan and run Camp Ami – an overnight diabetes education camp for youth living with type 1 diabetes in Haiti. AYUDA began its involvement in Haiti supporting the first-ever diabetes education camp for youth living with type 1 diabetes in Haiti back in February 2012. This will be AYUDA’s second year bringing a team of volunteers to Port-au-Prince.
Click here for more details on the program.
Program 2 - Ganémosle Volunteer Program: May 30th - June 8th 
Ganemosle 2014
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: In this 9-day program volunteers will gain hands-on experience working on a national grassroots diabetes public awareness campaign and fitness event to be held in the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo. Together with AYUDA partner Aprendiendo A Vivir (AAV), volunteers will work with the general public, focusing on diabetes advocacy and awareness issues (in Spanish)! Those with an interest in fitness, health education and media and communications are encouraged to apply.

Click here to learn more about the program. 

Program 3 - Campo Amigo Dominicano Volunteer Program: June 20th - July 8th
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: In this 3 week-long intensive program, volunteers, led by AYUDA staff, will work closely with AAV local staff, medical students and rising Dominican youth leaders to plan and implement community outreach projects. These projects will motivate and support young people living with Type 1 diabetes, as well as their families. In addition, the team will work together to run Campo Amigo Dominicano, a weekend diabetes education family program.

Click here to learn more.

Are you ready to become an agent of change?  
AYUDA is unique because we are committed to empowering our volunteers to become agents of social change. We combine an intensive training program, beginning the moment a volunteer is accepted into our program, with an impactful in-country experience. Therefore, qualified volunteers must have a multicultural outlook, be passionate and energetic team players, and most importantly must be adaptable.
·  Minimum age: 16
·  All education levels can apply (from high school students to medical professionals)
·  All backgrounds
·  No prior diabetes knowledge required
·  Intermediate Spanish (DR) or French (Haiti) preferred-Must fulfill program requirements (attend training, complete fundraising, etc)
·  Those living with diabetes encouraged to apply
·  For more on requirements, please click here
Please click here or visit to apply today!

Questions? Email Stephanie Boyle at 


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