Friday, October 17, 2014

Themester 2014 - Upcoming events: October 17-24

Date, Time, Location
October 10-25
Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center
PERFORMANCE: The Birthday Feast, an original new musical for children by Scott Russell Sanders and Alex Crowley
Sunday, Oct 19
Fine Arts Auditorium, Room 015
7:00 pm
FILM & DISCUSSION: Connected by Coffee, introduction by Jonathan Rosenthal, executive director of Co-op Coffees
Part of the Fair Trade Film Series
Sunday, Oct 19

11:30 pm
TELEVISION: Eating Alabama
Monday, Oct 20
IMU Maple Room
4:30 pm
LECTURE: Feminist Food Studies: Food Allergies, Exclusion, and Disability, Heather Hewett (State University of New York at New Paltz)
Monday, Oct 20
IU Cinema
7:00 pm
Tuesday, Oct 21
Finch's Brasserie
6:30 pm
LECTURE: Why don't Americans eat Eels and Carp? A Modern Mystery, Rick Wilk (IU Anthropology department)
Thursday, Oct 23
12:00 pm
Thursday, Oct 23
10:00 pm
Friday, Oct 24
Mathers Museum of World Cultures
LECTURE: Açaí From Local to Global, Eduardo Brondizio (Indiana University)
Friday, Oct 24
Tudor Room
1:00 pm
DISCUSSION: “Dessert and Discussion” with Professor Rick Wilk (IU Anthropology department); online registration required, undergraduates only
Friday, Oct 24
Collins Living Learning Center
4:00-5:30 pm
(reception at 3:30 pm)
Local-Sustainable Foods- Moving Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit, Brent Cunningham (Columbia Journalism Review)
Friday, Oct 24
Asian Culture Center
5:00 pm
DEMONSTRATION: Street Food Culture: Philippines, a cooking demonstration and tasting

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