Monday, May 12, 2014

Peace Corps Programs for Graduates

Hello from the Peace Corps Midwest Region. We are reaching out to let you and your students, particularly graduating seniors, know about program openings and career path options with international Peace Corps service. Feel free to forward this email to your student contacts.
For Students:
Accepting Applications Now for Assignment Departures in 2015
Peace Corps is filling programs for the first part of 2015. Apply by June 1 for the opportunity to be interviewed for assignment options after graduation.

The sooner we receive your application, the sooner you can choose from available assignments that match your skills, interests, preferences and career goals. See program areas where graduates like you are needed around the globe:

In Peace Corps, you’ll work with local communities and other organizations to address important global issues, such as youth education, disease prevention, food security, gender equality, economic development, environmental conservation and more. Visit our story blog to see how you can be making a difference for others and yourself:

Gain Skills, Receive Grad School Benefits & Launch a Career

Peace Corps service provides valuable leadership, cross-cultural and field experience for today’s global job market and establishes the foundation for successful careers.

Your benefits include:

  • Comprehensive language, cultural, technical, safety and health training
  • Travel covered to and from country of service
  • Paid living stipend and vacation time
  • Full medical and dental coverage
  • Graduate school opportunities with financial assistance and internships
  • Deferment or partial cancellation of some student loans
  • More than $7,000 in transition funds
  • Advantages in federal employment
  • Exclusive career fairs and job notices
  • An extensive alumni network

Peace Corps offers a unique opportunity to serve as an ambassador of international peace, friendship and understanding. Contact us with any questions or to speak with the Peace Corps representative for your university:
Peace Corps - Midwest Region
55 W. Monroe St., Suite 450, Chicago, IL 60603

Peace Corps Volunteers must be U.S. citizens and at least 18 years of age, but there is no upper age limit to serve.

Sign up for updates and local event notices at

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