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Young Leaders Apply Now: NYC Human Rights Program: Oct 8 - 15, 2014

***DEADLINE:  MAY 15, 2014***



Jude from Uganda speaking to peers during GYC's 2012 Human Rights in the USA Program, joined by Kate (NYC), Maja (Bosnia), Kanal (Cambodia), Sana (TX), Sarah (Canada), Sai (China)

Human Rights in the USA Program

New York, NY : October 8 - 15, 2014

Have you ever considered:
What is the human rights situation in the U.S.?
How can local human rights efforts in New York City relate to similar human rights efforts in other parts of the world?

What is the relationship between the different genocides in human history?
What role are young people playing in this human rights work?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Applications are now available for Global Youth Connect’s October 2014 Human Rights in the USA Program in New York City.
Young leaders can apply for a chance to learn about, and act upon, human rights issues both in the U.S. as well as in post-genocide countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia, and Cambodia. 
The age range for the Visiting NYC Participants is 18 - 30 (Deadline: May 15).
The age range for the Local NYC Participants is 15 - 25 (Deadline: June 1).
Program Overview:
During this program, young leaders from New York City will join with visiting young leaders from the greater U.S. and other countries (including post-genocide countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda) in a special summit to explore the human rights situation in New York City, the greater U.S., and the world.
I learned that although the U.S. is on the cutting edge of technology, its wealth does not trickle down to its middle and working classes.
- Tamuz (Israel) 2012 Participant
Main Activities:
  • An Intercultural Human Rights Workshop with youth from around the world
  • Meetings with organizations (e.g. the Human Rights Project at the Urban Justice Center).
  • Meetings with policy makers at both the local/NYC and international/UN levels
  • Group fieldwork projects with local grassroots initiatives such as the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and Kids Creative, Inc.
For more info, please scroll down.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this announcement to anyone you think might be interested this opportunity for intercultural dialogue, networking, human rights skills development, and service.

With many thanks, and in solidarity,

Global Youth Connect

It was moving to learn about organizations working on the challenges I see all the time in my community and my schools. - Antoinette, Brooklyn, NY (2012 Participant)

Human Rights in the USA: NYC October 2014

October 8 - 15, 2014
Learn about, and act upon, human rights at both the local and global levels, working alongside young leaders from NYC, the greater USA/Canada, Rwanda, Bosnia, and other parts of the world, with local NYC organizations and international human rights actors
Application Deadline: May 15th, 2014
(For Local Applicants: June 1st, 2014)
2012 Participants Meeting with WBAI Radio   

Young Leaders from NYC (age 15 - 25) Apply here
Some Scholarships Available

Young Leaders from outside NYC** (age 18 - 30) Apply here
Some Scholarships Available

**Note: GYC will assist GYC Alumni from our program countries (Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.) with letters of support for visas to the U.S. Other applicants must be from countries on the US visa waiver program.

Summer Human Rights Delegations to Bosnia and Rwanda

Several Positions Still Available

Bosnia Conflict Resolution: June 29 - July 30

Bosnia Human Rights: July 30 - Aug 20

Rwanda Human Rights: July 31 - Aug 20

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2014
Apply by downloading an application at


“It was so wonderful to know that even during this intensive human rights learning experience we really took action in several important ways. I felt that we all, the Rwandans and North Americans working together, in collaboration with organizations, made a positive impact on a variety of issues in a variety of ways.  --  Post Program Evaluation, Rwanda


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