Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking for an online class this summer?

Introduction to American Politics (POLS Y103)


Summer 2014


In-Class and On-Line Versions



The Political Science department is offering two sections of Introduction to American Government during the Summer 2014 Session:


·         The first section is a standard face-to-face class during the first 4-week summer session (May 13 – June 6, 12:40 – 2:50 Monday – Friday). 


·         The second section is an on-line version of the same class, offered during the second 4-week summer session (June 9 – July 3).  The on-line class is aimed at students who do not plan to stay in Bloomington during the summer; there will be no formal classroom meetings, and all assignments can be completed on-line. Section 9384


In both classes, the central premise is that nothing in politics happens by accident – everything you see is the result of the choices people make.  The goal is to understand American politics by examining these choices and their consequences.  The secondary emphasis is on facts, both to provide basic information about American politics and to demonstrate that there is evidence behind the theories and arguments presented in the class.  The class will be ruthlessly contemporary, emphasizing the political issues, campaigns, and controversies that are part of our everyday life.  The sole text is American Politics Today (third edition), which has been ordered in an on-line version for the entire class. 

Both sections IUB GenEd S&H credit COLL (CASE) S&H Breadth of Inquiry credit



 For more information on either class, please contact Professor William Bianco,

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