Thursday, March 6, 2014

Labor Studies 2nd 8 week available sections

LSTU-L 110 Introduction to Labor Studies: Labor & Society  3 cr. Class Numbers 21810, 22034, 22035 and 28559.  This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary and advocacy approach of labor studies.  Exploring labor’s role in society, the class will look at how unions have changed the lives of working people and contributed to better social policies.  Discussions will highlight the relationship of our work lives to our non-work lives and will look at U.S. labor relations in a comparative framework. 

LSTU-L 205 Contemporary Labor Problems  3 cr. Class Number 24087. This course examines some of the major problems confronting society, workers, and the labor movement.  Topics may include automation, unemployment, international trade, environmental problems, minority and women’s rights, community relations, and changing government policies.

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