Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Available 2nd 8-week courses in Applied Health Science

SPH-F255 Human Sexuality (IUB GenEd S&H credit)

Survey of the dynamics of human sexuality; identification and examination of basic issues in human sexuality as relating to the larger society.


SPH-H150 Children’s Health

This course focuses on recent research on infant feeding and sleeping needs. Causes, prevention and management of the health and safety problems of pre-school aged children are presented. Emphasis is on health and social service agencies.


SPH-H174 Prevention of Violence in American Society (IUB GenEd S&H credit)

This course covers various contributors to violence in America with an emphasis on community health issues. Personal and environmental factors related to violence are considered within a context of public health. Personal and community violence prevention and reduction approaches are presented.


SPH-H234 Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

This course examines the role of public health and individual lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Emphasis is placed on relationships between cardiovascular disease and risk factors such as tobacco use, diet, physical inactivity, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Knowledge and skills related to the implementation and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle will be presented.


SPH-H263 Personal Health

This survey course provides a theoretical and practical treatment of the concepts of disease prevention and health promotion. Covers such topics as emotional health; aging and death; alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse; physical fitness; nutrition and dieting; consumer health; chronic and communicable diseases; safety; and environmental health.


SPH-H305 Women’s Health

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to examine the relationship of women to health and health care. Five dimensions of health:  physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual provide a framework for comparison and contrast of health concerns unique to women and common to both sexes at all ages.


SPH-H306 Men’s Health

This course provides an overview of male health issues. Course topics include gender as a factor in men's health behavior and risks, the way men perceive and use their bodies, and men's psychological experience of health, wellness, and illness.


SPH-H315 Consumer Health

This course provides students with (1) a model for making informed consumer health related decisions; (2) current information involving consumer related topics, emphasizing necessity of current information for making informed decisions; (3) mechanisms for continued consumer awareness and protection, i.e., sources of accurate consumer information and lists of consumer information and protection agencies.


SPH-H345 Introduction to Causes and Prevention of Developmental Disabilities

Introductory evaluation of genetic (chromosomal, monogenic and polygenic) and acquired (environmental: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, infections, nutrition, obesity, fertility, teenage parents) causes of low birth weight and disabilities present at birth; special emphasis on early identification of high risk families and means available for prevention via education and intervention and correction.


SPH-S217 Safety: a Personal Focus

This course surveys current topics of interest in safety. Areas explored include injury problems, safety analysis, home safety, fire safety, personal protection, responding to emergencies, firearm safety, motor vehicle safety, occupational safety, recreational safety, school safety, and related issues.


SPH-S350 Topical Seminar in Safety Education: Introduction to Safety and Health

For non-safety majors only. The topical seminars will relate to current issues in the field of safety education. Possible topics for this seminar are new requirements for controlling hazardous material, the changing legal environment of the safety professional, new techniques in accident investigation, system safety and the safety manager, human factors, and workplace design.

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