Friday, November 1, 2013

Part-Time On-Campus Job

9740 - Slavic Materials Student Assistant, Libraries

Job Summary: Pulling records from OCLC for Slavic blanket orders in various Slavic and other languages as well as in English. Creating firm orders and reviewing existing firm orders for accuracy. Replacing existing provisional records with OCLC records when available. Receiving and routing Slavic blanket order books. Searching Slavic vendor websites for price comparisons or bibliographic information. Reviewing and processing incoming vendor reports.
Required: Resume required. Good knowledge of Russian language; familiarity with LC system of Russian transliteration. Familiarity with IUCAT. Good keyboarding skills. Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with attention to detail; willingness to work as part of a team.

Preferred: Previous library experience. At least a basic knowledge of Slavic, Turkic language or Tajik/Persian or Romanian.

Other Information: Must be able to work 6 - 9 hours a week. Pay Rate: $8.55 per hour.

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