Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Native speaker request (POLISH) from Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute

We have two requests for native speaker assistance.  Both come to us via our friends at the CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute. If you have a moment, please consider whether you might be of help.

First, a man in Terre Haute would like someone to compose for him a letter to Polish authorities inquiring about his genealogy. This would be a short letter – and this could probably be handled by email. He would be happy to offer a small compensation, especially for a student.

Second, ISU is producing a play about the life of Jan Karski. The actor playing the lead would like to get a handle on the accent, and so would like someone (male) to read and record his lines (in English). This, too, could be accomplished without travel. I would add here that the PSC will be happy to arrange use of an IU recording studio and the sending of the file. 

Please let us know at polish@indiana.edu if you can be of help.

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