Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Long-term History in Nejapa and Tavela, Oaxaca, Mexico

Faculty Director: Stacie King, kingsm@indiana.edu

Lab supervisors: Eli Konwest, ekonwest@iu.edu and Alex Badillo, abadillo@indiana.edu

Location of work: Student Building 245 or anywhere with a computer. We are looking for several students with various skill sets to help us digitize data collected during our spring/summer field season.

Several volunteer opportunities exist:

• A person with Excel skills is needed to assist with data entry (contact Eli)

• Persons are needed with Adobe Illustrator skills (or other similar programs) to assist with drawing/digitizing artifacts (contact Eli) 

• A person with Spanish skills is needed to assist with the transcription of Colonialmodern period documents (contact Alex)

Volunteers should ideally be available for approximately 3 hours a week.

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