Thursday, October 24, 2013

Timmy Global Health 3rd Annual Global Health Symposium

From Local To Global

A Moderated Discussion on Global Health

Presented by Timmy Global Health at Indiana University 



Join Timmy Global Health at IU on Thursday, October 24 at 7:00PM in the Frangipani room in the Indiana Memorial Union for a moderated discussion on international health care issues with experts engaged directly in public health initiatives world-wide.


Founded in 2001, Timmy Global Health at Indiana University is a student organization that supports the mission of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis-based non-profit that expands access to healthcare while empowering student and volunteers to tackle global health challenges firsthand. Each March, twenty IU students travel to Guatemala for one week to volunteer in medical clinics and help provide care to medically-underserved communities. And for 52 weeks a year, Timmy at IU students fundraise, advocate, and serve on behalf of Timmy’s local Guatemalan partner, helping to build their capacity and strengthen their outreach. While each trip inspires a new group of students, they often return with many questions: How do we know that the work we support in Guatemala is effective and impactful? How can we make it better? More sustainable? Are we taking care to do no harm? And, given the health care issues here in the US, why are we spending our time working abroad? How do we ensure that our work truly has a global—local and international—impact?


To answer our questions Timmy at IU is going straight to the experts. Four global health “celebrities” engaged directly in international health initiatives will help navigate the complexities and challenges of the global health world. Our expert panelists include:


Matt MacGregor Executive Director of Timmy Global Health; Worked previously on developmental projects in Hanoi and Guatemala; previously Timmy Global Health’s Medical Brigade Coordinator in Quito, Ecuador

Cody McSellers-McCray Executive Director of Health Leads Chicago; previous served as Director of Health Promotion for Westside Health Authority in Chicago; previously Director of Programming for the Women’s Health Foundation

Dr. Jackson WilliamsDivision Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine practice at Baystate Medical Center; actively implements American physician’s volunteering program and medical student education program in Liberia

Dr. Gregory Wilson Richard M. Fairbanks Chair in Community Health and Associate Chair for Community and Global Health, IU School of Medicine, Department of Public Health; Founder and previously served as the Medical Director of the Indiana Poison Control Center; previously President of the Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics; previously served as the State Health Commissioner at the Indiana Department of Health


The discussion will be moderated by Indianapolis’ own Barbara Lewis, host of the IU School of Medicine’s syndicated NPR radio show “Sound Medicine.”


The event will help Timmy at IU enhance the dialogue at Indiana University about global health issues, challenges, and opportunities. With the help of our panelists we hope to delve into the world of global health, and explore how it affects us all, and what we can do to support it!

If you would like to learn more about the discussion, please contact Timmy at IU's Event Coordinator, Elizabeth Schueth (


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