Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Geography Courses

·         G210 Introductory Political Geography (CASE S&H)

·         G220 Topics in Geography: Food and Poverty in America

·         G220 Topics in Geography: Geohumanities: Performing Places

·         G325 Tourism Geography

·         G425 Africa: Contemporary Geography Problems (CASE S&H)

·         G427 Russia And Its Neighbors (CASE S&H, GCC)

·         G428 Geography Of Europe (CASE S&H, GCC)

·         G185 Global Environmental Change (CASE N&M)

·         G305 Environmental Change-Nature And Impact (CASE N&M)

·         G306 Discourses on The Commons: From Enclosure to Sustainability

·         G315 Environmental Conservation (CASE S&H)

·         G237 Cartography And Geographic Information (CASE N&M)

·         G250 Computer Methods in Geography

·         G338 Geographic Information Science (CASE N&M)

…and many more!

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