Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Work with the IU Swahili Flagship Program!

9195 - Assistant Director, Linguistics

Job Summary: Serves as Assistant Director of the African Language Flagship Swahili Center. Designs, implements, and coordinates events for the Flagship Program in the academic year and summer activities. Works with the Director to hire and supervise instructors, conversation partners, and mentors. Actively recruits students by overseeing the development and distribution of promotional materials and giving live presentations. Evaluates applications and makes admissions suggestions to the Director. Serves as advisor to Flagship students and provides advice and counsel to students and parents. Designs administrative procedures and works with the Linguistics Fiscal Officer to write grants and manage budgets.
Qualifications: Review your qualifications prior to applying to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Resume and cover letter required.

REQUIRED: Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in academic administration or higher education.

Experience with budgets and grants: Ability to write grant-proposals and reports. Ability to monitor account statements, process and reconcile expenditures.

Preferred: Master’s degree and three years of experience in academic administration or higher education, preferably at IU.

Applications accepted until September 5, 2013, or until position is filled.


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