Monday, March 18, 2013

Call for Participants: 26th International Youth Leadership Conference

                Connecting Future Leaders

The International Youth Leadership Conference Prague (IYLC Prague) is a week-long forum on international relations, law and politics held bi-annually in Prague, Czech Republic. By bringing together 100 outstanding students from over 30 countries the IYLC provides an excellent opportunity for future leaders to exchange ideas and views on contemporary global issues while building a strong network of likeminded peers from all over the world.

The conference is designed to encourage social interaction and networking by means of the following interrelated activities:
  •      United Nations Security Council Emergency Meeting Simulation
  •      International Criminal Court Mock Pre-Trial
  •      Model European Parliament Simulation 
  •      Meetings with leading policy experts, business men and Ambassadors
  •      Group Debates and Panel Discussions
  •      Networking events such as VIP Reception and Gala Dinner


I now have a better understanding of the processes underlying global affairs, and am also thinking about such events more critically and knowledgeably.

-Lauren Elisabeth Gatt, Australia

"Attending the IYLC provided me with a golden opportunity not only to learn about international organizations and international law but also to put this knowledge into practice. Thanks to the simulations, I now feel more confident when speaking in public and I also learnt a lot about leadership. However, what I appreciate the most from this wonderful conference is that I have friends from all over the world and we were able to share our cultures and traditions. "

- Maria Jose Lucena Cobacho, Spain

"The simulations and discussions offered by the IYLC have inculcated in me an understanding of the different countries and cultures that exist in the world, but, most importantly, they have taught me how to accept differences of opinion and of the pressing need to find consensus in the midst of such differences."
-Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh, Pakistan

The interactions, simulations and meetings with professionals really brought theoretical international relations classes to life.
The simulations deepened my understanding and knowledge of the Security Council, United Nations and International Criminal Court. This has enriched my academic experience and created a bigger fascination for the international arena, framing the direction for my eventual master’s thesis.

-Tikwiza Silubonde, Zambia

Get Involved

Recommendations from Academic Staff at Universities and Colleges are important to us. If you recognize exceptional students with a passion for leadership and an interest in global affairs, we invite you to recommend them by filling out our nomination form.


The full fee for participating in the IYLC is 33 000 CZK (appr.1700 USD) This includes:
  • All accommodation
  • All meals
  • All local transportation
  • Airport greeting
  • All Conference Materials such as Guidebook, plaques, and Certificate of Achievement
  • All field trips, site visits etc.
  • All receptions and networking events

Early Bird Discounts

10% (3300 CZK) Early Bird discount will apply to all payments made
through April 15th (Fee: 29700 CZK).

5% (1650 CZK) Early Bird discount will apply to all payments made
through May 15th (Fee: 31350 CZK).

Special Affiliate Benefits

Universities seeking to broaden their leadership credentials by supporting 5 students or more to attend one of our Conferences, are regarded as Special Affiliates. This entails:
  • A 20% discount off the Conference Fee to all our future Conferences, including the IYLC UAE in Dubai
  • University or College logo listed on our website and Conference materials such as the IYLC Prague Guidebook and Posters
  • The opportunity for new partners to attend the IYLC as an Observer -FREE OF CHARGE

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