Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Thursday, Oct 6th and Friday, Oct 7th
6:30PM - 9:30 PM
State Room East, 2nd floor, IMU
(Same time and location for both dates)
Your Projection Your World (Oct 6th)
"Your Projection Your World" will be centered on the notion of one's view and how one builds their world around the view from Buddhist perspective.

How to Calm Your Mind Down (Oct 7th)
"How to Calm Your Mind" will introduce what is concentration, how many types of concentration, how to attain these different types of concentration according to Buddhist teaching. The goal of the concentration meditation is to eliminate anger; to cultivate beautiful mind qualities; to suppress negative thoughts.

Sponsored by Buddhist Study Association at IU (印第安纳大学佛学社) and IUSA Funding Board
For more information, contact: buddhism@indiana.edu ; billshao80@gmail.com   or call 812-327-5297

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