Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Public Policy & International Affairs Fellowship Program

Dear PPIA Graduate School Consortium:

 The deadline for undergraduates to apply to the 2012 PPIA Junior Summer Institutes is rapidly approaching. Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, November 1, to be considered.

Previously, the PPIA National Office asked if you would be willing to help us get out the word about PPIA on your home campus. I am writing again to ask if you would be so kind as to remind the undergraduates on your campus of this fantastic opportunity.

All information about the application process is on the PPIA website at

We thank you for your assistance!


The PPIA National Office

What do you look for when selecting PPIA Fellows?
There are a variety of factors that come into play during the selection process. Selected students tend to embody PPIA’s diversity goals, demonstrate a commitment to public service and possess the ability to succeed in graduate school. Our students will be impressive academically, and more importantly, they will be culturally aware, socially sensitive, committed to public service, and share a common vision about making the world a better place.
I am not considered to be part of a historically underrepresented community. Does that make me ineligible or otherwise affect my application?
All individuals are welcome to apply. If you can demonstrate involvement with diverse communities or convey how your cross-cultural experiences enable you to contribute to PPIA’s goal of building a diverse and more representative generation of leaders, then your application will tend to be considered more favorably.
What is expected of PPIA Fellows?
There are three basic expectations:
(1) successfully complete a PPIA Junior Summer Institute;
(2) attain a graduate degree from a PPIA consortium school with a degree in public policy, public administration and/or international affairs; and
(3) pursue a public service related career.

All information about the application process is on the PPIA website at

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