Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Spring Course

Education X152:  Learning Strategies for Accounting A100
                  8 week class, l credit, graded, open to all students
(Student must be co-enrolled in any section of Business Accounting A100 taught by Professor Winston)
(Note:  If student withdraws from Accounting 100 they must also withdraw from Educ X152)

First 8 Weeks, Spring 2012                            Second 8 Weeks, Spring 2012
Section 28211, TR, 3:35-4:25, Teter F256.     Section 29203, TR, 3:35-4:25, Teter F256
Section 29205, TR, 4:40-5:30, Teter F256      Section 29204, TR, 4:40-5:30, Teter F256

Course Description
This course has been designed with the purpose of providing students with the necessary skills and abilities to
successfully and effectively learn business concepts introduced in BUS-A100.  Assignments are tailored to parallel
those in A100 and are designed to (1) create a foundation for future business courses by providing you with sound
and effective study skills, (2) facilitate studying for the exams, and (3) provide accountability and feedback on each
student’s learning.

Course Objectives
·         Become more active learners who take control of their own learning by anticipating the upcoming lecture/discussion,
summarizing the most recent lecture/discussion, and formulating questions they hope will be answered as they attend a
lecture/discussion or read a text.
·         Improve reading efficiency by learning how to read different sorts of business texts actively, strategically, and critically
to identify major business themes.
·         Transform the text and lecture/discussion information by writing summaries, creating cognitive maps and/or time lines,
and verbalizing what they have learned and what they do not fully comprehend.
·         Develop study skills such as note taking, preparing for exams, time management, and goal setting.
·         Analyze their own thinking and learning by becoming aware of what they know, need to know, and are learning so they
an relate new information to prior knowledge.
·         Learn to work collaboratively with other students through X152 student discussion of lecture/reading notes and the
formulation of smaller study groups specifically geared toward the study of accounting.

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