Thursday, October 20, 2011

Learn Ukrainian!

Learn one year of Ukrainian in one semester and go on summer study-abroad to L'viv, Ukraine!

Your Russian (or Czech, Slovak, Polish, or BCS) doesn't have to be perfect to help you learn Ukrainian! This is an accelerated Ukrainian language course for those who have experience with a Slavic language.
It is a four-skill Ukrainian language class (i.e., speaking, listening, reading, writing), and comparisons with Russian will be made to clarify grammar points and facilitate the mastery of Ukrainian. Many students who take this class go on to study Ukrainian abroad over the summer with a FLAS Fellowship!

SLAV-U 182/582    11:15-12:05   MWF    3 credits   Instructor Olena
Prerequisite: 1 year of Russian/Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian/Croatian or permission of instructor. E-mail for further information.

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