Thursday, September 22, 2011

Global Youth Connect in Rwanda


Rwanda Human Rights Delegation for Young Leaders -- Winter 2012

Program Location:        Rwanda

Dates:  Dec 28, 2011 - Jan 16, 2012

Program Tuition: $2,250

Application Deadline:   September 27, 2011

Global Youth Connect, an international human rights organization, is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications from young leaders (ages 18-35) for our Winter international human rights delegation to Rwanda.

Our Human Rights Learning and Action delegations are unique, first-hand opportunities to cross cultural boundaries, learn about the daily reality of human rights as experienced in a complex and increasingly globalized world, and to contribute to progressive action. 

During this GYC delegation, International participants will join with Rwandan peers in a Learning and Action Community to learn about human rights achievements and challenges in Rwanda (and the world) and to take concrete action steps together to support current and future efforts for human rights protection and promotion, both in Rwanda and abroad.

Through a combination of workshops, site visits, advocacy meetings, and volunteer service with grassroots NGOs, we will learn and act on numerous key human rights issues in Rwanda, including but not limited
to: gender and human rights, human rights of children, LGBTI populations, historically marginalized indigenous groups, refugees, domestic workers, poverty reduction, public health, juvenile justice, freedom of expression and the arts.

In advance of and during the delegation, all participants will examine the roots of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and see how its legacy has impacted the country and its people, particularly Rwandan youth, and also how the country is attempting to rebuild today.

Specific information about previous Rwanda delegations can be found at

Application Deadline:      September 27, 2011 5pm EST

How to Apply:

We invite interested young leaders to apply.  We are looking for participants who are between the ages of 18-35 and who possess U.S.
or Canadian citizenship or residency as well as international students studying full-time at a U.S. or Canadian college or university.  Most importantly, applicants should wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of human rights and social justice and to offer hard work, skills, connections, etc. to the work already underway in Rwanda and elsewhere.  Participants will become part of a growing global movement of youth acting together for compassion, human rights and responsibility.

For detailed information on program activities, costs, fundraising guide, and application information, please visit:

For additional info, visit our website, our Facebook Page at
or contact GYC at

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