Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcoming Events at La Casa

Latinos talk about sex
Tue, October 19th: 7pm, La Casa

Panel discussion with experts about sexuality and the Latino perspective. Free and confidential HIV testing after the event.
LGSA Social mixer
Thu, October 21st: 930p, Friday’s Bar and Grill
We all know how isolating and stressful grad school can be. Well, not anymore!, or at least not on the third Thursday of the month. Join us as we get a chance to discuss anything other than grad school. Part of LGSA's Thirsty Third Thursdays series
Mexican Film Festival at Indiana University
October 22-24
This year Mexico commemorates two historical events that helped form the country: the bicentennial of the independence movement and the centennial of the Mexican revolution. This film series presents the opportunity to reflect on the ideas that inspired these events, to help us better understand Mexico’s past, comprehend its present, and be prepared for the future. The films selected for this series illustrate the ethnic diversities and multicultural particularities as well as the artistic capacities reflected in this portrait of Mexico’s Golden Age cinema. Interested? www.indiana.edu/~clacs/news/calendar.shtml

For more information, email: lacasa@indiana.edu 

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