Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New 2nd 8-Week Course in East Asian Studies

U212: The Rising Power of Asia & Its Challenge to American Education

Time: Wed 12:20-14:20 (Oct. 27th— Dec. 15th)
Place: Wright Quad 12-029
Class Section: 35362

What about your life as a student is connected to China? To Japan? To Korea? To India?

Has American education prepared you well for working and living with your global  competitors and partners, particularly  those from Asian powers?
This course will help you understand cultural values and way of thinking of your global competitors and partners from many perspectives through films, activities, and etc.
What about your life as a student is connected to China? To Japan? To India? Part of that answer lies in globalization, which affects every aspect of our lives. We are facing a smaller but more complicated world. In the so called “flat” world, we have seen the dramatic growth of international competition but also collaboration. And it is impossible to look at our world without recognizing the rising economic, cultural and political powers of Asia. Education, responsible in all societies for cultivating our collective future, not only reflects the social, political and economic conditions of each country, but also reveals specific cultural values and ways of thinking. This course will help you better understand your global competitors and partners through the investigation of education. Through this investigation you will rethink the strengths and weaknesses of American education, and, we hope, be better prepared for working and living in a more globalized world.

For detailed course information, please contact instructors at hw2@indiana.edu & leiwang@indiana.edu

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