Monday, September 20, 2010

In case you missed it....

We are still looking for a few undergraduates to pair with International Graduate Students who are studying to be AIs. The international students would like to learn about the US culture, undergraduate life at IU, and learn how your undergraduate education is similar or different from theirs. Students meet an hour a week for about six weeks at a time and place convenient for you. Sometimes students go to restaurants together to learn about each others’ food and holidays. Sometimes they meet at a cafĂ©, the Art Museum, or another interesting place on campus. Some of the undergrads have become friends with the grad students, and if they are married, friends with their families, too, for many semesters.

If you can meet with an international grad students one hour a week and would like to learn about another culture, while talking about your own culture, please contact me.

Elizabeth Merceron

Instructor, SLST T502
Communication Skills for International AIs

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