Some INTL students choose to complete an internship rather than a study abroad program to fulfill their overseas experience requirement. (You can read about options to fulfill this requirement here.) While we leave it to the student to vet the organizations they are interested in interning with, there are resources available to help you get started.
  • The Career Development Center - The CDC offers online job and internship postings which you can access with your IU username/password. They also have career advisors to help you fine tune your application materials, panels of professionals from organizations that may offer internships, and internship fairs.
  • The CDC also has a web link library that allows you to search by organization or location.
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss how your internship fits in with your overall goals.
  • Utilize INTL alums. From the main blog page, choose "Alumni Profiles" in the list of Labels on the left side of the page. Read about what former INTLers are doing. Many of them are willing to be contacted by current students. If contact information isn't listed on the blog, check with the advisor to see if it is available.
  • And, of course, use the INTL blog! Any opportunities we hear about will be posted there.